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The em-trak AIS I100 Identifier is a fully integrated Class B vessel tracking AIS transceiver, ideal for small vessel tracking.


The em-trak AIS I100 Identifier has all GPS and VHF antennas, along will all electronics and batteries integrated within a security sealed IPx8 waterproof ruggedized shell. The internal rechargeable battery gives up to 5 days of continuous operation between charges and takes only 5 hours to recharge.


Multiple security and anti-tamper features as well as a secure 6 month voyage data recorder functionality option, makes the Identifier ideal for maritime security related applications.


The Identifier is supplied as a complete kit with vessel mounting bracket and mains rapid charging dock.  


NOTE: The unit will not function until programmed with the vessel details and an MMSI number.  Single units can be programmed prior to dispatch or multiple units can be programmed using the Identifier I100 Configuration Kit 417-0047.


Discounts available to Commercial Vessels (Tour Boats, Charter Fishing etc.)  Contact us to discuss your requirements.  

I100-X Small Vessel Tracker

    • Small and lightweight
    • 5 day continuous use from its internal battery
    • Takes only 5 hours to completely recharge
    • Rugged IPx8 design ensures operational performance
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